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Gray drapes lit with green and blue simulated image on screen A simple way to add drama. One screen draped in gray velvet counter-balancing the podium with lots of brilliant color on the gray velvet background drapes. (simulated picture on the screen, screen and projector set for rear projection.)

January 2012
These photos show one of our favorite ways, to date, to use color. This set-up is very vibrant because of the gray velour backdrop drapes. These soft gray drapes love to reflect color. The podium is a clear acrylic podium, with LED lights inside and a custom made surround to fit the theme. The patterned color splashes were provided by the studio color gobos.
To the left of the podium a large 32" monitor was placed in a floor stand for the convenience of the presenter viewing their presentations. The left and right side screens are12' wide HD format that were hung in front of the gray drapes. The center screen has a 9'x16' image area with a gray drape kit. In this position the screen works best for background imagery rather than presentation materials. Due to the size of this room and limited space within, all projectors were hung and set for front projection.
The color combinations are wide ranging and limited only by the range of the RGB and RGBA LEDS and your imagination. The blues are very intense and can over power other colors. The red on the truss showed much better against the greens than against the blues.
In contrast, when the blue was on the truss, the blue affected the red on the drapes mixing to a slight purple. This created a soft blending across the drapes. The wide image below shows how well the color dominated the room. With the presenter at the podium and the center screen behind as background, the two bright side screens became the display for the presenter's slides or the live camera feed.
These two wide images show how the color of the backdrop drapes influences the lighting effects. Above with gray draping, below with a very dark navy blue background drapes.(the screen is draped in black)

April 2011
These are 12'x16' front projection screens and the room is set-up for classroom style seating. The projectors are 6500 lumens. The photo to the left shows the control center which is approx. 65' away from the screens. The foreground screens are 20" monitors and a 15" laptop.
People sometimes wonder if just one screen will look strange or unbalanced, this is a great example of how well one screen can work. With the banners drawing attention back to the podium, the presentation is very balanced. The photo on the left shows a 9'x12' rear projection screen, with a 6500 lumens projector. This room is also set-up classroom style. The distance the photo was taken at, was not noted by the photographer.

April 2012 and 2011
Three screens can also work very well especially for very large audiences in a long space.

The photo to the right shows the control center to the left of the stage. (barely visible in the above and below photos between the two screens on the left.)

The screen closest to the stage is a 11'x15' truss frame with rear projection using a 6500 lumen projector. We used the full black drape kit. The pair farthest from the stage are 10.5'x14' front projection screens with 4500 lumens projectors and just the bottom skirt of the drape kit to hide the chairs behind the screen.

March 2011

The photo on the left is of a 9'x16' HD format screen taken from approximately 140' away through the goalposts.

The projecter is 6000 lumens HD format. This photo was taken with the room lights still on.

October 2010

April 29, 2008

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